Dumplings of semolina

60 g semolina
2 eggs
1 tablespoonof fat

In the plate we foam mix fat. We add 2 yolk, semolina, salt and 2 scrambled foam white of an egg. Mix well all. With small spoon we draw out dumplings and lowering down them in the filter boiling soup. Cook until they become soft. Each time spoon dip into the soup that are not dumplings adhere for here.

Apple pie

Sweet apple pie

To prepare we need


1 kg apple
1/2 kg crust
4 eggs
3 cups sugar
2 cups oil
1 cup sour milk
box semolina
baking powder

First we make a filling of eggs, sugar, oil, sour milk, semolina and baking powder.

Than we plane apples.

Each crust we paint with oil. The fourth crust we sprinkle with apple and filling.

Wrap roll. We make such 4 rolls.

The rest of filling we pour over the area...

Bake in heated oven about 25 minutes.

When is roasted we cut into cubes and sprinkle with powdered sugar.


Potato salad


1 kg of potatoes

First we wash potatoes, boild in salt water, peel of and cut in thin rings.

In one dish we pile line potatoes line chopped onion.

We put salt, pepper and oil.

We repeat the rows until we don`t spend ingredients.

All salad we pour with vinegar and chopped parsley.


Cabbage salad with raisins

We cut 1/4 heads of cabbage into thin noodles.
Then we plane one carrot and mix that with cabbage.

100 g raisins put into cold water and leave for half an hour. Drain them and mix with cabbage and carrot.

100 g mayonnaise mix with half cup sour cream and pour salad.


Young potatoes with lamb

Young lamb


2 kg leg of lamb
1 kg of a young potatoes
1 dl oil
glass beer
sour cream
salt or vegeta


First lamb leg washed in hot water. Wipe it and clean with napkin and salt to taste.

In the vessel put lamb, add a glass of beer, sprinkle with thyme, put a little oil and leave an hour.

Then we peel young potatoes and wash it.

In baking pan we put meat and bake it an hour at  200 degrees. I love to pour beer and oil over the meat.

Add potatoes in which we put vegeta or salt. We strew with chopped parsley. Then bake it until potatoes and meat are done.

In juice that was left of baking meat we add sour cream, and this beautiful juice pour over meat.


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