Chicken with peanuts on Serbian way !!!


300 g of chicken white meat; egg white; tablespoon ground ginger; teaspoon minced chilli; 300g Chinese cabbage; package frozen Chinese vegetables mix; 100-150 ml soy sauce; 150 g of peanuts.

Chicken meat we cut into cubes, mixed with egg white and leave in the fridge to cool.

In a saucepan (wok) we heat 2 finger oil, then drain the chicken of the egg white and fry it so that it is half fried. We remove the chicken to a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Meanwhile we chop a little  (If someone loves) hot pepper.

From the pan in which the chicken is cooked pour off half the oil and in it add one teaspoon chili pepper, one tablespoon minced ginger 

and green pepper... a small fry.

Chinese cabbage cut into strips and then add it in the fry spices, and cook it for a while, then add the Chinese mix vegetables.

When the vegetables are almost half we return chicken to pot..and we continue cooking...

with the addition of soy sauce.

Finally we add the peanuts. All mix well.

With this dish we can served tomatoes, seasoned with basil, salt and olive oil.

As with a glass of wine...of course...

Prijatno !!!

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