Rye bread

It is much simpler and faster to buy bread, but all process of interference, rise and beautiful smell of baking is one wonderful mystery that nothing can replace.

Bread is not difficult to make, only you need to have a desire to make something nice for yourself and for your family.

Rye bread

30 g fresh yeast
one teaspoon of sugar
1/2 kg rye flour
1/2 kg white flour
one spoon of salt

We need to whisk white egg with a spoon of water to make ice.

Than melt yeast in a bowl with sugar and leave it for 20 minutes until bubbles appear. White and rye flour pour in a bowl and put salt and yeast. With lukewarm water knead dough to become smooth and flexible and put it on the mixing board and knead dough about 10 minutes. In the washed, well dried container put dough back in a bowl and cover with damp cloth. Leave it for about 2 hours or until it rises double.

With a knife share dough into two parts and each shape as a ball. Balls put in copper pan and wait to double. In the heated oven ( 200 C ) we put small breads and bake 20 minutes. Remove it from the oven to glaze coating and returned it back in the oven for 20 minutes more. Take out again from the oven and glaze coating. Again, go back and bake another 20 minutes until you get dark gold color. Cool breads to the wire grid.

Cabbage rolls with sour cabbage and rice

500 g pork, 250 g beef, 200 g of dry pork ribs, 100 g dry bacon, 100 g fat, 50 g rice, 2 kg sauerkraut, bay leaf, egg, spoon flour, onion, teaspoon cayenne pepper, salt, pepper

We take a head sauerkraut and separate sheets. Whit knife cut thicker ribs and wash them well in the cold water. In a saucepan put fat, minced meat and chopped onions and a little fry. Add rice, pepper, egg and salt to taste and mix everything well.

In the larger saucepan sort to the bottom few leaves of cabbage. Take one by one cabbage leaf and on each put the filling spoon and wrap sheets into small rollers. Cabbage rolls sort in pot next to each other in several rows.

Dried meat and bacon washed in hot water cut into pieces and put between lines. Add bay leaf.

Cabbage rolls flood whit cold water and cook for about 4 hours on the quiet fire.

In the pan we make browned flour of a fat , flour and teaspoon cayenne pepper, pour cabbage rolls, cover and leave it boiling for half an hour more.



1 glass white flour
1 glass corn flour
1 glass yogurt
1 glass oil
2 eggs
300 g cow cheese
baking powder

In a bowl mix eggs and cheese to yogurt and add oil,add white and corn flour and baking powder.

Place in oiled baking pan and bake at 250 C temperature. Serve tham warm.

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