Liqueur of walnut

Liquor is sweet, alcoholic drink. We can make different tastes if we put grass, fruit or spices in it.

For the liquor we need:

20 small, green walnuts
1 liter of soft brandy
honey or sugar to taste (honey is more healthy)-about a poun

We mix nuts and brandy and leave to stand in the sun for 40 days. Filter it and add honey.

It is good to drink one small glass of this liqueur every morning.

Black cake

For this summer cake we need:

2 eggs, 12 tablespoons of sugar, 12 tablespoons of milk, 12 tablespoons flour, 1 tablespoon cocoa and bacing powder. We roast two crust. Cut in two them, so zou get 4 crust.


We cook in one liter of milk 13 tablespoons sugar, 1 butter (250 g), 100 grams of chocolate, 4 tablespoons cocoa, 200 g walnut. When boil remove from the oven and with ladle pour crusts.

We take the pan for 2, 3 cm wider than it was the pots we are baked the crust.

We thinner crust and sauce with hot filling. Let it to become cool.

We turn the cake and remove on the tray. Serve cold. If someone wants can put whipped cream over. Refresh better than ice cream.

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