Serbian Picnic Food Recipes

Everyone enjoys picnics. Picnics are a place where whole family can take time out of their busy lives and spend it together enjoying. But a question which many people come across is about cooking on a picnic. Picnic is a place where you should be enjoing and eating food that is self-made. Picnics do not require heavy and rich foods but just light and delightful. Obviously on a picnic you do not have all the ovens and stoves and kitchen accessories which you can use around to make yummy foods. Therefore, some mouthwatering Serbian picnic food recipes can be tried. These are easy and consume very less time. You can make Serbian salads and desserts on a picnic. Some salad recipes are as follows:

Serbian Salad


2 onions
1 red pepper
1 clove garlic
1 cucumber
Vinegar, salt and pepper
500 grams tomatoes

Procedure:rasp the cucumber, slice all the tomatoes and cut the onions in thin and long strips. Then slice the red pepper in thin strips as well ( do not forget to take out its seeds ) .Crumble the garlic and then put everything in the bowl. Sprinkle vinegar and oil on it followed by pepper and salt. You easy and quick Serbian salad is ready.

Srpska Salata

1 onion
4 green peppers
500 grams tomatoes
Salt, oil and parsley

Procedure:Slice the onion, peppers and tomatoes. Add salt, oil and parsley in a bowl and add all the vegetables in it. Another salad is ready.



Vinegar, salt, pepper, olive oil ( all 1 tablespoon )
2 eggplants
250 grams red bell pepper
4 cloves crumbled garlic

Procedure:Bake the bell peppers and egss in a pre-heat oven at 250 degree Celsius until blisters are formed. Then remove the skins of eggplant and bell pepper. Also, remove all thr seeds from the bell peppers.Once you have removed, blend the eggplant and bell pepper to make a paste. Then add garlic and vinegar followed by pepper and salt. Then add olive oil slowly until the paste becomes smooth and looks delicious. Put some parsley and ajvar on top. Your salad is now ready.
You can use this salad (paste) with bread or a sandwich paste with cucumber, chesse and chicken.

Note:you can bake the eggplant and bell peppers and home and make the rest at the picnic.

Quick Tomato Salad


Procedure:Cut the tomatoes and onions into slices and strips. Put them in a bowl and add salt in it. Although is it now ready but put it to cool for a little time, the taste will be altered.

These are some vegetarian salads that fit the Serbian picnic food recipes. Everyone enjoys salads and such picnic ideas. You can also make some simple desserts when going on a Serbian picnic. The desserts will simply add sugar to the whole picnic and everyone will be delighted and within no time this picnics will become one of the most amazing picnics of your life.
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Barbecue is a special way to prepare food. In Serbia we prepare barbecue on a special type of charcoal called cumur that provides exceptional flavor and juiciness. And smell that barbecue spread is story for itself. We like to prepare grill in nature, countryside, parks if it is allowed there, in the company of our family and friends and we enjoy in those simply things.

Grilled chicken

It is the best to use fresh chicken meat. Meat should first sit in the spices well. It is the best to use mixture of vegeta, pepper and oil.

Barbecue should be well heated in order to the surface of meat would quickly brown and nutritious and aromatic juices would not leak. We can put on a little fresh basil, for additional flavor. Barbecue prepared in this way will satisfay the greatest gourmets.


Serbian salad

2 tomatoes
piece cow cheese
cayenne pepper
oil salt

First we wash tomato and cut into cubes. Add finely chopped onion, cucumber, pepper and on the end hot pepper. We add salt and oil. All that we mix. Over the salad we put cheese.


Russian salad

I love russian salad. It is very easy and simple to prepare.

We need:

1/2 kg potatoes
1/2 carrots
700 g peas
300 g ham
3 eggs
1/2 kg of pickied gherkin
500 g mayonnaise

Potatoes, carrots and eggs boiled and shred on the cube. Ham and pickied gherkin cut and shred on cube. Put salte on taste and add mayonnaise. We all stir well. Serve in a saucer.

Cake (in the form of roses) with eggs and margarine

1/2 l milk
3 eggs
30 g yeast
one spoon of salt
one spoon of sugar

We melt yeast in lukewarm water, add sugar and leave 20 minutes to come along. In bowl we mix 2 eggs add yeast, milk and salt. All it mix nicely and edd flour. On the desktop put dough and knead him 10 minutes. Return dough to put and live 2 hours or until become double. The dough we stretch on the square, coat with margarine and each side flap and put in refrigerator to sit for 15 minutes. Repeat three times.

At the and curled roll and with knife cut small pieces which we put in baking pan and make a space between each part.

We leave it 20 minutes to come along. Then with scrambled egg yolk paint. In heated oven we bake.

Serve cake with cream or cheese and ajvar or same other salad.

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