Cake (in the form of roses) with eggs and margarine

1/2 l milk
3 eggs
30 g yeast
one spoon of salt
one spoon of sugar

We melt yeast in lukewarm water, add sugar and leave 20 minutes to come along. In bowl we mix 2 eggs add yeast, milk and salt. All it mix nicely and edd flour. On the desktop put dough and knead him 10 minutes. Return dough to put and live 2 hours or until become double. The dough we stretch on the square, coat with margarine and each side flap and put in refrigerator to sit for 15 minutes. Repeat three times.

At the and curled roll and with knife cut small pieces which we put in baking pan and make a space between each part.

We leave it 20 minutes to come along. Then with scrambled egg yolk paint. In heated oven we bake.

Serve cake with cream or cheese and ajvar or same other salad.



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  2. Lovely shape for a cake. Did you bake it yourself?

  3. It also looks as a turtle...

    Nice post.

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