Red pepper

Autumn is the time for pepper. There are several different types and forms of peppers. All are good and healthy. The best is to use fresh pepper.

I prefer red pepper. It is good for the preparation of perfect salad with olive oil, salt and vinegar. Red pepper can be filled with meat, rice, cheese, beans.It can be dry also.

Pepper is an excellent natural source of vitamin C, which is essential for the body immunity. The greatest amount of vitamin C is concentrated around the stem, so remove the surface as less as it is possible. Red peppers are also good source of vitamin B6, iron, vitamin P and potassium.

Ground peppers (sweet or hot) today is an indispesable culinary spice in many countries around the world. Without a hot pepper dishes such as Fish stew or spicy sausage can not even imagine.

Pepper is used in folk medicine to treat rheumatic pains, as an antidepressant, antiseptic, aromatic, diuretic. She is good for stengthening the appetite, improves digestion, eyesight, prevent the formation of free radicals. Pepper is also good aphrodisiac, so it is called ``Viagra``.

Pizza on Serbian way!!!

Even is Pizza Italian speciality in Serbia we often eat Pizza. This is my version of Pizza.

I prepare dough of a pound of flour, a little yeast, sugar and salt. Leave that to said half-hour. I stretch dough into baking pan, coating with ketchup, oregano, chesse, mushrooms and ham. Bake Pizza 15 minutes at 250 degrees.

Eat Pizza with a green salad.

Musaka of eggplant

First we peel the eggplant and cut it on rings than add salt and let sit for half an hour.

In meanwhile we fray onion and add 300 g minced meat. We add salt or Vegeta, pepper and one chopped tomato.

In the baking dish first we put eggplant-over it I put a little ground nuts it is better taste for me but it is not the custom in Serbia. Then we put the mixture of meat and onion. So line up until we spend all material.

On the top coming eggplan.

At the end we mix 2 eggs with half a liter of milk and pour it over Musaka. Bake at 220 degrees half-hour.

It is very tasty!


For donuts I have already made recipe. You can check it in archive. I will show you through pictures procedure of making it. Enjoy!

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