Vodnjika-Old Serbian drink

Very refreshing. It is made from wildest fruit of Serbia (juniper, crab apple, wild pears, rose hips).We need to drink it because it contains a high percentage of vitamin C, prevents negative mood...

-300 grams of berries (juniper)

-300 grams of rose hips

-5 kg of wild pears

Put all fruits into a barrel and pour 20 liters of water over. Tightly close and leave it ten days to said. When you want to serve, take out of a juice as much as you want to drink and leave the fruits in the barrel. Sweeten with honey.

How much of vodnjika you take out to drink that much of clean water pour into the barrel. On this way it will last longer and will remain almost unchanged until spring.

Prijatno and drink one glass a day!!!

Krem pita

Mix 3 egg's whites, 8 egg's yolks, add 5 tablespoons of sugar, 5 tablespoons of flour and one baking powder. Bake crust.

When the crust has cooled cut it in half.

Filling:boil a liter of water with 20 tablespoons of sugar, add the 4 vanilla puddings  diluted in 3 ml of water.

Pour hot pudding  in 5 scrambled whites slowly spoon by spoon. Fill while hot and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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