Princes krofne - cake

This recipe gave me my friend Jelena and she is the author of photo. Yesterday I tried. They are excellent.

First we boil 125 ml of water, 125 ml of oil and some salt. When it is boiled, add in it 125 g of flour and stir it with mixer, than add 3-4 eggs, one by one and mix it all. Leave it to cool down. Grease the pan with oil, put little flour, shake the pan and spray with water. With spoon remove donuts and put them in the pan. Heat oven 15 minutes at 220 degrees and bake donuts 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees, not opening the oven.

When the donuts are ready leave them to cool.

We make the filling with 2 pudding cooked in 1 / 2 liter of milk. Cool.
On other hand we whip 200 g cream. In the chilled pudding mix 100 g butter. Then add a few tablespoons of cream.

Cut donuts in half. Fill one half with one teaspoon of filling, a cream, then cover with the other half of donuts. And so on.
We can serve donuts sprinkled with powder sugar or topped with chocolate icing.



  1. makanan kegemaran sayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. its similar to creampuff isn't it?

  3. wow jadi laper nich sob
    salam kenal n sekalian izin follow
    jika berkenan follow balik ya
    terima kasih

  4. Here in Germany there is such a cake, say puffs with whipped cream, a loose dough filled with cream, tastes very good

  5. Thanks much for the visit. Meantime, another great tasting recipe you have here. Sure is another stuff worth the fill!

  6. It's so delicius bro... i want it...

  7. Salam
    Visit here and say Hai to you..
    I Like cake my friend...

    Say from Tangerang

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  9. Hi there,

    Princess Krofne Cake, WOW!
    I wish I can have a small bite of it.

    I am very glad to be back here on your "delicious" blog.

  10. Very delicious!!! NJAM; NJAM; NJAM

  11. salam..hi der ^^

    thanks a lot 4 d vsiting yarr..
    NICE BLOG here..
    love all the recipes n im dying to try any baking BUT I DONT OWN any oven in my home..huh
    so sad LOL~

  12. looks deliciously good. .wanna try it


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