Peppers in sour cream

Peppers in cream is one of my favorite salads. In addition to beautiful and fresh taste they are healthy. Usually we make them for the winter.
Here I will not put the measures because it depends on the amount of pepper that we use. Someone will want to make 5-6 pepper or 5 kg. I will explain the procedure.

We clean peppers of seeds and salt tham inside and leave for 6-7 hours. We squeeze water from peppers. We salt cream a little and fill the peppers with it. Put in order them in a jar or a can. It is much nicer when you put over them the line of cheese (In Serbia we use cow's milk cheese from the vat). But if you do not have the cheese you do not have to put it. Sour cream is enough. Put in order as we have material. We coat the top with sour cream and put a pinch of salt. With something we press (lid or plate). We can immediately eat, but it is better to stand for about 7 days.
The peppers go well with roasted potatoes. Just wash potatoes, cut and salt it. Bake it in well heated oven. I bake it at 250 degrees.



  1. Interesting salad..its hot isn't it?

  2. Depends on the peppers you use.It can be hot.

  3. I like to eat this! very good food ...

  4. Hot food? oh i like too do you have recipe like indians curry? well dont forget to come ...

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  6. Waaa! It looks soooo delicious! ♥

  7. Reading and viewing the picture,i can tell this could be one of my favorite once i try it.. i love a sour cream :)


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