Proja with spinach

To make Proja we need to mix one cup of white flour, cup of corn flour, cup of oil, cup of yogurt, 2 eggs, 300 g cheese, handful spinach and baking powder. Put all it into greased mould.

Bake it at 230 degrees for half an hour.

It is good to eat Proja with yogurt.



  1. Nekem tetszik, az étvágyam is megjött rá, küldheted,

  2. Sounds delicious, and vegetarian, too. I'll have to try it.

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  5. Yummy yummy yummy! Gosh. I hope I can make this one here. I'm eating the same Cebu food. Though they're still great. I just want to eat something new, something foreign, something SERBIAN FOOD! Uhh! So Yummylecious!

  6. interesting..combination of flour, cheese and spinach..i wonder how it tastes. :-)


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