Roasted peppers

Peppers for the winter we can prepare in many ways. One way is roasted peppers. First wash and dry peppers. Than bake them in baking pan or grill. Wait to cool and then peel them. We pack them in freezer.

During the winter we can use them for a salad with a little oil, salt and garlic. Or for breading, or just burn them with some salt in oil.

They are good with cheese or sour cream.



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  4. WOW! I love this. I love Bell Peppers. I have a German friend who makes Chief salad of raw Tomatoes and Bell Peppers. He likes the Philippine food too. But he experiments mixing Filipino dishes with European style and ingredients. Perhaps I can try roasting or baking bell peppers at home. So Yummy!

  5. Hello friend,
    I love food! WOW!


  6. Wont that be a tad spicy my dear ?
    Peppers are just a milder version
    of the chilli, but they can be equally

    Oh, well...i suppose it'll be good to warm the body, especially during the approaching winter.

    In my country, Serbian food is a rarity. Good to know that you are promoting ur country's cuisine this way. Food brings people together.

    Over here we stuff meat into chillis/ pepper and fry them together. We then eat it either with rice or flat rice rolls :)

    Bon Apetit

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  9. id like to taste some of those peppers, they look so yummy

  10. food warm, red color, and it looks really good.


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