Wedding cabbage

500 g pork
500 g beef
300 g of dry ribs
300 g of dry bacon
2 heads of cabbage
10 seeds peppercorns
3 bay leaf
2 0nions
2 dry red pepper
2 teaspoons cayenne pepper

Cut bacon on the leaves and put at the bottom of the pot for cooking. From the cabbage remove the root and both heads of cabbage cut in 8 pieces.

In a pot put first the bacon over cabbage then mixed meat and one-half onion, bay leaf and cayenne pepper.

Sequence repeat the same row.

Put the cabbage on the top and over him put the dry red peppers.

Pour into cold woterand cook on a quiet fire about 4 hours.

The cooking water should evaporate as cabbage would not be watery liquid.

If need we can put salt.

With cabbage serve corn bread.

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  1. My boyfriend cooks cabbage the same way like you do. He does not use salt at all, but likes spicies. He's told me that he had serbian roots :) He feeds me his cabbage every time I visit him. So you are saying it's wedding dish?.. :))


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