Sauerkraut from tubs

Sauerkraut is a more valuable food than fresh cabbage. Scientists say it also!
Then we can only imagine how much Vitamin C is in the sauerkraut.
And when we cook sauerkraut it retains a large percentage of this very important vitamin.

It is very easy to make sauerkraut and very cheap to do it. It is important to prepare our own tub of sauerkraut because then we will have a rasol-product of sauerkraut. Rasol is good tool against seediness, the elixir of youth and life ...

How can we prepare it? Very easy...
A measure of 50 l barrel goes with one kg of salt.
First we hollow root of the cabbage out and put a small spoon of salt in it. Cabbage put in the barrel so that the root is facing upward. When we fill one line we salt it. When we spend the whole cabbage, cover the tub and let it sit for a day in the salt. Put a stone or a tree on top that heads of cabbage would not be swimming at the top. We pour the tube with cold water and cover and we waite for it said, at least a month. Shake all the vat that salt would not fall to the bottom.


  1. I tried to make sauerkraut with my friends for a school project long time ago, but we failed hehe

  2. we do it like this in Romania, too. in Austria they have a different style, hence I am missing my Sarme :)). but recently I've see such whole cabbage in a supermarket, I am going to check it out :)

  3. It sounds like the way they prepare
    kimchi ( preserved cabbage ) in Korea

  4. Das Essen kenne ich Sauerkraut! Deutsche Spezialit├Ąt

  5. Thanks billy for teaching us this sauerkraut recipe. Maybe I can make it for my family too.


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